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Prepare yourself for those hot summer months!

Tired of working or sleeping in an environment that’s too hot? Qinux Airgo is able to cool down any room in record time while using less electricity than a traditional AC unit.

Ultra-Fast Temperature Reduction

Cools any room in a couple minutes. Our improved Qinux Airgo can turn any searingly hot room into a comfortably cool environment in record time!

Microclimate Area

Qinux Airgo has a fully adjustable climate control system. Set the fan speed, temperature, and cooling mode to your liking with the push of a button.


Its ability to filter dust and pollen from the air is ideal for people with allergies or respiratory sensitivities

Portable Design

Qinux Airgo works completely cordless. It has a large rechargeable battery which means you can even use it off-grid and it lasts a whole day! Charging via USB type-C only takes a couple hours.


Qinux Airgo is up to 90% more energy-efficient compared to traditional AC units. With its ultra-low energy consumption it keeps you cool for penny’s a day.

Low Noise

Qinux Airgo is quieter than ever before. You won’t even hear it at night.

Introducing Qinux Airgo

Qinux Airgo offers a more powerful and efficient air-cooling system at a reasonable price. It provides cooling relief in record time without requiring installation. It’s basically plug and play, but with greater efficiency and cooling power compared to our previous unit.

Thanks to its large rechargeable battery and USB type-C connectivity, you can just take it with you wherever you go to cool your environment in minutes.

New Insta-Frost Technology

Qinux Airgo’s most important feature is its cooling power. Qinux Airgo doesn’t work like regular AC; instead, it uses our patented New Insta-Frost Technology.

This new cooling technique can cool any room or environment in a matter of minutes. The control panel, located on the top of the Qinux Airgo, lets you fully adjust the temperature, fan speed, and cooling mode.

Truly Compact And Portable

Qinux Airgo can be used in places where traditional mobile AC’s wouldn’t work, and that’s because it is so energy efficient that it’s powered by a large rechargeable battery! This makes Qinux Airgo the world’s first truly portable AC system.

It’s only about the size of a shoebox, so you can literally take Qinux Airgo anywhere you go, even when going off-grid, and it will last all through the day. And charging is super-fast! The Qinux Airgo can also be powered by USB type-C, making it a breeze to keep it up and running all day and night.

Increase Productivity, Reduce Noise

Extreme heat has an obvious negative impact on your mind and body, making even the simplest task a chore. When the room temperature is too high, concentration levels drop, and fatigue quickly sets in.

Unlike most AC systems that can be annoyingly loud and tend to make the air dry, the Qinux Airgo transforms any room into a comfortable and quiet working environment for better performance and concentration.

"Quick and Efficient Cooling Solution "

"I am blown away by how quickly Qinux Airgo cools down my room. I feel an immediate drop in temperature. Its portability is also a plus, allowing me to move it from room to room as needed. I highly recommend Qinux Airgo to anyone looking for a quick and efficient cooling solution. "


Daniel T.

Cooling Expert

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Customer Reviews

Read what our customers have to say about Qinux Airgo

Tyler Verified Buyer

My package arrived today! Just tested the Qinux Airgo and it cooled my room super-fast. You immediately notice a difference. Going to let it run at night too. Really happy with it!

Jennifer Verified Buyer

I was a bit worried that I would have to refill the reservoir every couple of hours, but it lasted much longer than I thought. A completely full reservoir easily lasts for 8 hours on the highest fan speed.

Andrew Verified Buyer

Why buy a big energy-consuming air conditioner when you can have this portable mini AC? It’s not only a conditioner, it’s a fan, air purifier, and sterilizer at the same time. The AC is very easy to use, just pour tap water in it and plug it in the wall like you would charge your phone or your laptop’s USB port or power bank. You can carry it everywhere because it’s small and easy to carry. Highly recommended!

Benjamin Verified Buyer

I bought this to cool down the room that we use for my daughter’s bedroom. It’s a very small room that is not air-conditioned. This thing works very well, the air is nice and cool, and the fan is pretty powerful for such a small device.

Emily Verified Buyer

I use the Qinux Airgo almost every day to cool down my room, and it actually does the job very well, thank you!

Paul Verified Buyer

Does its job of cooling a room down very well. I use it in my home office that gets direct sunlight for 12 hours a day. Using just fans, the room will heat up fast, but this unit cools the room to a very chilly temperature quite nicely and very fast.

Adam Verified Buyer

Mine arrived yesterday. Good product and shipping was fast! Very nice device. It doesn’t make as much noise as normal AC and it also looks very cool. Really satisfied with it!

Nathalie Verified Buyer

Fast delivery and a fabulous product! Works great as a bedside cooler. Very impressed with its performance.

Steve Verified Buyer

Shipping was quite slow for me. Luckily, it works fine! I mostly use it when I’m working on my desk. I have it powered by my PC and it’s super easy to use. It’s also perfect for cooling a bedroom because it’s so quiet.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Below is a list of frequently asked questions about Qinux Airgo

Qinux Airgo cools down any regular sized room in a matter of minutes.
Yes, Qinux Airgo is portable and can be easily moved from room to room. It’s powered via USB which means that you can plug it into any USB device to power it. (USB cable included)
Yes, Qinux Airgos highly energy-efficient and consumes less energy than traditional AC units.
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